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Videographer: Asiyah Martin


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Drop in $15

Eventbrite: $10


Class cards available


Location: Jam Box Fitness Lounge

Available for bridal parties, birthdays, and other celebrations.

If we are not aligned with our deepest truth, we are not able to serve in the highest regard and experience the bliss of elevation. You don't have to live a mediocre life and settle for less than what is an honorable measure of your value. You don't have to compromise to fill someone else's void. You don't have to compare yourself to anyone else because your power is unmatched! Do you know that you are the prize of the nation? You are not reading this by mistake. You landed here because you have a desire to become Powerfully Embodied!

This class is for the woman who desires to get in tune with her sensuality, gain deeper awareness of herself, tone and sculpt her body, increase her confidence, and cultivate a healthy and positive body image. This class offers a safe environment where you can get out of your head and explore the lusciousness of your inner landscape. You deserve to put yourself first because nothing is more important than your mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. You will walk away feeling intimately connected with your intuitive self, confident, refreshed, strengthened, elevated, and beautiful. It is my hope that you look in the mirror and embrace all that is you: internally, externally, and unapologetically. You deserve to see your reflection with eyes of awe instead of judgement because there will NEVER be another YOU! You deserve to feel sexy from the inside out so get dressed, pop some color on your lips, bring a pair of heels and come and dance for yourself!!!  This is a no worry, no judgement, and no anxiety zone. We honor all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities.


Heels preferred but not required. No previous dance training necessary.



8:30 am - 9:30 am


Drop in $15

Class cards available

Location: Clique Studios

This class is for the person who lacks flexibility and mobility. Perhaps you have a desk job, find yourself hunched over, or you just feel stiff. If you are in need of a supportive environment, guidance, and motivation you've come to the right place. This class will help you explore and expand your range of motion and mobility through means of partaking in a 1 hour class dedicated solely to stretching. The class is a complement to anyone who practices yoga, Pilates, plays golf, sits in a chair all day, or is active in the gym. If you have had or are currently experiencing an injury or recovering from surgery, this class is gentle enough for you too. You will learn how to tune into your body, stretch, extend, and mobilize the most intricate muscles in your body, while releasing tension, and expanding your range of motion. The class is also designed to help you with body alignment, thus improving your posture.




* correct imbalances (tight hip flexors, internally rotated shoulders, forward neck, collapsed chest, tight hamstrings, and rounding of the upper back, ect)

* Decreases pain

* Decrease chances of injury

* Improves blood circulation and mood

*Improves muscle tone and strength

* Increases body awareness

* improves range of motion and synovial fluid in the joints

*improved flexibility 


11:00 am


Drop in $15

Class cards available

Location: Clique Studios


Afro-Dance Fusion Workout is an energetic, upbeat Afro-dance style fitness class that is suitable for all ages and stages of fitness levels.


This class blends cardio and strength training with high energy African dance aesthetics to help you experience a workout that is fun and exciting. You will sweat more than you do at the gym. Guaranteed! The instructor will lead you through isolated and poly-rhythmic movement that will tone, sculpt, and shape your body! You'll be having so much, that you'll forget you're working out! We are family oriented and this is a great place to make friends, laugh, and challenge yourself! Bring a friend! Bring your kids! Bring your spouse and let's work it out!!

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