Dance Artist. Choreographer. Educator. Author.

Creative Director of Powerful Embodiment Dance

Every time I dance, I’m trying to prove myself to myself.”

-Misty Copeland


Inspiration and Curiosity. Flare and Sensuality. Truth and Vulnerability. Strength and Grace. None are in short supply when it comes to her distinctive style and her journey as a dancer. Jazmine Desarrae has a deep passion and desire for utilizing movement as an instrument to inspire, empower, and honor personal truths. 


Through conscious and continuous reflection of her own mistakes, experiences, fears, injuries, and insecurities she felt the need to explore and embrace the power of the feminine. She realized that she had been giving too much and accepting too little. Denying her own self worth, lacking confidence, and the drive to push her dreams into motion, Jazmine decided that enough was enough! It was time to be selfish and make a change. It was time to stop making excuses and living through the eyes of others. It was time to embody the lusciousness of her inner truth and value herself in a way that radiated her deepest desires. This was the impetus and inspiration for the creation of Powerful Embodiment Dance: dance classes designed to serve and empower the mind, awaken the body, and nourish the soul while celebrating personal truths regardless of age, ethnicity, circumstance, and background. 


Jazmine began her dance training at the age of ten and dancing is a gift that she continues to unravel. Born and raised in Milwaukee WI, she studied West African Dance with Ko-Thi Dance Company and ballet at the Milwaukee Ballet Theatre and the University of WI Stevens Point before relocating to Texas. Since, she has continued her studies in ballet, modern dance, Horton technique, Latin dance forms, and elements of the African Diaspora. She holds a B.F.A. in Dance Performance from the University of North Texas and M.S.Ed. from Johns Hopkins. Aside from being a secondary educator, Jazmine is also a member of the Terrance Johnson Dance Company where she is a performing artist and advocate for dance education for under-served youth. As an independent artist, she enjoys the integration of mixed media, and she values creative and collaborative partnerships. 

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